Data Center

MTel has built the own data center to provide a variety of services to customers. These services include data center leasing, virtual infrastructure hosting, virtual cloud server, virtual desktop, cloud storage, and mail box service. These offerings meet the flexible and cost-effective deployment needs of customers in the era of cloud computing, while also addressing their requirements for enhanced hardware application and data security. MTel aims to support the development of various industries through these services.

MTel Data Center Services

MTel data center is designed according to international standards and utilizes telecom-grade routers for connectivity, ensuring the security of data center through round-the-clock management and monitoring. The data center is equipped with a team of experienced IDC (Internet Data Center) engineers who handle the planning, installation, connectivity, debugging, and emergency troubleshooting of data center and network equipment in time.

Data Center Specifications

Rack SpecificationsIncreased Power Supply
20U (Half rack)1KVA1070mm600mmEach 1KVA
42U (One rack)2KVA1100mm600mmEach 1KVA


  1. The service provides rack space and standard environmental conditions (such as temperature and power, but does not include hardware such as servers.)

  2. The minimum rental period is 12 months.

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Data Center

  • Designed according to international standards, ensuring security, stability, and a high SLA (Service Level Agreement).

  • Telecom-grade routers provide connectivity to international networks, as well as networks in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

  • High flexibility, cooperate with business backups and uninterrupted operations.

  • Round-the-clock(7x24) management and monitoring at carrier-grade level .

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