MTel Personal Data Collection Statement and Privacy Policy

MTel Telecommunication Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").

This Privacy Statement can change from time to time without prior notice, please regularly check the official website or other ways for updates.

1.Privacy Policy Statement

1.1 Company Commitment:

The company is committed to handle personal data in a proper way to protect the privacy of customers, and will ensure that all policies and codes of practice adopted by the company and its agents regarding collection, use, retention, disclosure, transmission, security and access of personal data complying with the regulations of No. 8/2005 of “Personal Data Protection Act” of Macao, and of No. 13/2019 of “Network Security Act”, and “Personal Data” in this statement is defined in accordance with such law.

1.2 Personal Data Collection

1.2.1 The Company may requests you to provide personal data from time to time, including but not limited to, a party’s name, gender, date of birth, ID number and/or copy, telephone number, address and/or such proof, email address, credit card data, bank account number, etc. A party’s refusal of providing such data may cause any submitted application or request invalid, or to be unable to access certain content on our website, or to be unable to complete the business you are working at the company.

1.2.2 A party’s calls to our service hotline may be recorded in accordance with staff training, service quality improvement and contract clarification.

1.3 Purpose of Personal Data Collection

The specific purpose about a party’s personal data has set out in part 2 of the company’s Personal Data Collection Statement (in particular, Items i to ix of Part 2 as the main part).

1.4 Access and Correction of Data by Party

A party has the rights according to such regulations:

  1. To inquire whether the company owns a party’s own personal data;

  2. To consult the own personal data held in the company;

  3. To request for the correction of incorrect personal data in the company;

  4. To verify the company's policies and codes of practice regarding personal data and held personal data from time to time;

1.5 Personal Data Security

The company adopts various encryption technologies to ensure that only authorized officers by the company can access the data when transmitting a party’s personal data through Internet, but cannot guarantee the data transmission will be absolutely secure. A party may refers to Part 3 of "Security Statement" above to understand the company on the aspect of protecting personal data security through its website, and avoiding the adopted steps of a unlawful interference by a third party.

1.6 Internal Guidance of Personal Data Access

All employees of the company are strictly comply with “Internal Guidance of Personal Data Access”, which includes, Items of recording personal data are store in secure place when they are not in use;

The company has a strict management of saving or taking items and/or accessing computer data of employees, each of which must be approved by the appropriate management, and only the people "must-to-know" are allowed to access to customers' personal data; In addition, it must take appropriate measures to prevent accident and/or unauthorized disclosure, alteration, deletion, destruction, or modification of personal data when accessing, using and/or transmitting personal data of customers.

1.7 Retention of Personal Data

A party’s personal data provided to the company through application forms, Internet or other means during the validity of the service, it will be retained for a reasonable period after the termination of the service, and any unnecessary of which existing in the system will be removed in accordance with our internal policy.

1.8 Data Transfer

The company may transfer customer data outside Macau, China in accordance with No. 19 to 20 of “Personal Data Protection Act”.

2.Personal Data Collection Statement

A party must be required to provide personal data to the company to apply for and/or continue to use any of services and/or products when a party as a customer of our company, or a visitor or user of our website. However, the company may not be able to provide or continue to provide services with a party for incomplete or inaccurate personal data.

2.2 The company must not disclose any personal data to any third parties unless required by laws or with a party’s prior consent, and must comply with such laws this statement for policies and codes of practice on collection, use, retention, disclosure, security and personal data access. In addition, The company may use and retain the personal data provided by a party for any of the following purposes, and for such other purposes of the agreement between the parties from time to time or provisions of laws:

  1. To handle a party’s service applications and to provide services;

  2. To provide relevant products/services/discounts due to various services;

  3. To analyze, verify and/or consult the status of a party’s credit, payment and/or account in order to provide services;

  4. To handle any payment instructions, direct payment arrangements requested of a party;

  5. To maintain the daily operation of a party’s account, provide customer services and/or charge owed service fees of a party’s account;

  6. To have the rights of accessing such data by the people or companies which are responsible to keep the data confidential;

  7. Government and regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies and other organizations prescribed or authorized by laws;

  8. To perform a duty of any company's communication connection, or to comply with other industry regulations, or requirements imposed by government authorities or regulatory authorities to prevent crimes;

2.3 Please contact our customer service hotline at 2878 3320 or visit any of stores of the company in Macao to handle relevant procedures if a party is not willing to receive the relevant information and/or the other category of products/s promotion data services above, or not willing to disclose, transfer, or use a party’s personal data for direct marketing purposes.

This Privacy Statement shall be governed by the laws of Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic, and shall be explained in accordance with the laws of Macao Special Administrative Region.